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  • Our Concept?
    In a nuttshel you pick a card or sticker, add your text and it's finalised by a designer to ensure a perfect outcome!
  • Advice for Cards and Sticker text
    First of all, awesome, you've decided to create your item!! Now how to obtain the best result: For Cards: 1. Insert the name or names of the children you are celebrating. (the lenght of name doesn't matter, our designers will make sure it looks perfect) 2. Write up the reason this card exists, a birthday? a note? it will look best if you keep it to a few words to 2 sentences! (ps if it's just a namecard that works super well too, this section is not mandatory) __ For Stickers: 1. Insert the name or names feauturing on this sticker! (the lenght of name doesn't matter, our designers will make sure it looks perfect) 2. Write up a subtittle if nessesary, keep it short for best results! (eg. From, With Love etc.) Any more questions? Our team is always here to help. This way!
  • What is our Shipping Policy
    We offer free shipping after 125euro and have a flat fee of 12.50euro for Europe or 4.5euro for Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg. We ship in 8 to 12 business days, but if you just can't wait, send us an email and we'll do our best to get to you quicker! For more information about our shipping policy look right here
  • Return Policy
    As our goods are personalised we do not offer returns! However, if your stickers or cards are damaged upon arrival, we will issue a refund!
  • Information about Partnerships
    Would you like to partner up with us? Great! We're looking for brand ambassadors and resellers! At
  • Can I insert a photo in a card?
    We currently don't have a design that includes a photo, but if you'd like that, let us know we'll add it to our deck! If you would like to create a card with a photo, check our Custom page!
  • Join our team
    We are currently on the look out for designers, accountants and social media gurus! Up for it? Send your relevant info at
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