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We're a Belgian family business , from brainstorming sessions that include our kids, (Uma our daughter invented a few designs, spot the Zebra-unicorn & we designed the colour sheet together) All the way to family car rides to pick up samples. Papier Patate was created between diapers and pastaMostly around here you'll hear me, Joanna, I have a background in graphic design and media, I'm a mama to Uma & Matthew and their dad Koral is my husband! I share our adventures (some misadventures too) on Instagram, @papierpatate


For a while I've wanted to combine the 100% customisable and the made to order, in between those two worlds we created a mash up of accessible prices with real person to person service.

And most important of all it's incredibly easy to use!


We wanted to create a universe where kids could chose a personalised card or sticker which was affordable and easy.

Pick your favourite design,

add your name(s) and add some text if you'd like!

A designer then gets your order and carefully

adds your name and text to your chosen design.

It's all man-made to ensure you get a perfect result. 

Our Initiative



We recycle we donate
and we're never done.

All our cards are made from recycled paper and that's just the beginning of our quest to find ways to become a responsible company.

We aren't stopping there and we'll keep looking to get more sustainable.

At Papier Patate we donate part of our profits to organisations protecting our planet.  

We're always on the look out for charitable efforts, so suggestions are encouraged.

Love, Jo
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